Cornerstone Historic Baptist Church was planted in Union City, Indiana in 1985. After a great deal of prayer, a number of families along with the church’s first pastor, Lloyd Shepherd, saw the need for a Bible-believing church in Union City. The first meeting was held in a store front. It was not long before the Lord provided a new meeting place for the church and services were moved to the current location at 933 North Howard Street. Pastor Lloyd Shepherd guided God’s people until December 2008, when Pastor Keith Hoover answered the call to the pastorate. After serving here 8 years, Pastor Hoover was sent out to join Bible Believer’s Historic Baptist Church in Mesick, Michigan, as their pastor.

On October 30, 2016, Pastor Jason Burton was called to pastor the church. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2008 by First Baptist Church of Payson, AZ, and served as the pastor of Haven Baptist Fellowship in Douglas, Arizona. He and his wife Amy have seven children, Casey, Corrie, Callie, Caleb, Christian, Clara and Cady.

Over the years, the meeting house has undergone a number of changes, but the premise has remained the same; preaching the Word of God, teaching the doctrines of the Faith and singing hymns, psalms and spiritual songs that teach as well as edify. We strive to do all things at CHBC to the glory of God through Christ our Saviour.

The folks of Cornerstone Historic Baptist Church look forward to seeing you in services!

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Jason Burton

3 Comments on “About

  1. Pastor Burton. Good website; as this was my first visit! I could easily detect your personality coming through the text throughout each section. I think the “Thank You for visiting” section has to be updated with you as pastor. No big deal, but it will help in being consistent. Bro. Mike A.


  2. Good work pastor. The site is cool. Even better job at the pulpit. God’s Word = Truth!


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