What We Teach

In some supposedly Christian circles, the word “doctrine” is a bad word. We are told it is divisive to teach doctrine in our churches and that we run some sort of risk of having people not come back to hear the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. At Cornerstone Historic Baptist Church, we … More What We Teach

A Strong Church?

I was recently asked the following question, “is your church a strong church?” I found this to be a hard question to answer. What did she mean by “a strong church?” It was an honest question. She seemed to sincerely want to know the answer, but how could I answer her without defining what a … More A Strong Church?

Pastor’s Musings

The end is near! Do I have your attention? When I read the news or listen to the ramblings of those who call themselves news anchors today I am drawn to the conclusion that the end must  be near.  Gay marraige, Planned Parenthood murders and worse, A Nuclear deal with Iran; Is there anyone in … More Pastor’s Musings